LE Twin Beam
Quad Marine
Tandem Marine
Beam Single
Mill Single
Half Beam
Mill Twin
Tandem Twin Mill
Marine Single
Marine Twin
Quad Mill
Inv V Twin
Unibody 3 inch Horizontal Boiler
Horizontal Boiler 3.5inch
Badcock 3inch
Horizontal Boiler 5inch
Vertical Boiler 5inch
Chimney Condenser
Marine Single Package 1
Mill Single Package 2
Mill Single Package 1
Marine Single Package 2
Beam Engine Package 2
Half Beam Package 2
Beam Engine Package 1
Mill Twin Package
Marine Twin Package
Mill Single Pump Package


Chiltern Model Steam provides a range of live steam model (miniature) steam engine kits, fully machined, that can be easily assembled into fine examples of the sort of engineering that powered the industrial revolution.

They are much more than toys as when assembled the engines are fully working and can be used, for example, standalone or to power a model boat.

The models can be run using live steam or simply using compressed air from foot or hand pumps.

We hope that customers, young and young at heart, will enjoy assembling the models and find it an educational experience.

See our Educational pages on the history of steam engines, how they work and how they are made.


"The beam engine... what can I say. It’s perfect.... thank you for creating such a wonderful, “affordable” model! I say affordable, because in the past, I’ve looked at the Stuart Beam engine, and without Lathes and mills etc to machine the rough casting, it’s out of reach of the novice engineer... until I met you and your products" - IanL on buying the Beam Engine

"WOW what a beautiful piece of engineering can’t wait to see it running." - RobJ on buying  Mill Single

"The mill engine arrived tonight, and I can only say BRILLIANT!! Im so pleased with the engine, and will look at it properly in daylight. Packaging superb, your service has been exemplary plus you are such a nice person to deal with. "Thanks" barely seems adequate, so a big THANK YOU!!!...., I will be back to order a twin mill engine :)" - StewartK on buying  Mill Single


Sadly both the London and the Midland Model Engineering Exhibitions have been cancelled due to the pandemic.

From 1st January 2021 customers in the European Union will have to pay import duty/tax (VAT) on items purchased from UK. Chiltern Model Steam is not VAT registered so VAT cannot be claimed back.

See our new Babcock Model Steam Boiler3inch Unibody Model Steam BoilerChimney Model Steam Condenser, Compound Twin MarineInverted V Twin EngineBitsa TwinPump PackageTwin Cylinder Beam, Quad (four) Cylinder Mill Engine and Quad (four) Cylinder Marine Engine Fully Machined Kits.

We have in Development 2 electric boilers.

We are working hard to improve the supply of our model steam boilers and subsequently our packages  Contact us if you would like us to let you know when they are available.