Horizontal single cylinder "Mill" engine

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  • DescriptionModel Engine

    All Chiltern Model Steam Engine kits are fully machined and can be easily assembled with basic tools. The model engines are fully working and can be run using live steam or simply using compressed air from foot or hand pumps.

    The horizontal single cylinder mill engine has a simple design, yet retains the basic mechanics of engines that powered many mills, factories and mine pits in the nineteenth century.

    The mill engine layout has a double acting cylinder, eccentric driven slide valve, slider and the large brass flywheel offers smooth running and is capable of powering a range of accessories, in a variety of roles. The engine also includes twin split bronze pedestal bearings for the crank shaft and cast base.

    The kit consists of precision produced parts each carefully made and checked to ensure reliability in service.

    The cylinder assembly, slider and piston are manufactured from brass and the piston shaft, Conn Rod and valve from stainless steel so are not susceptible to corrosion. The piston shaft passes through an adjustable gland and the steam inlet can be on the top or bottom of the chest.

    To power the engine with live steam, connect it to our Horizontal 3.5" Model Steam Boiler.

    In addition to the kit, subject to availability, a finished engine is available in black, red, green or blue. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

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  • The pictures are of the finished model after painting and polishing.

    Click on image to get enlarged view.
    Large flywheel ensures smooth running
    Brass Cylinder and Steam Chest
    View of the crankshaft, conn rod and eccentric
    View of the slider mechanism
    Cylinder, steam chest and inlets/outlet
    Mill Single connected to boiler
    Mill Single connected to boiler
    All the parts included in the kit

    Live Steam Video

  • SpecificationCompleted Model

    Type: Horizontal Slide
    Bore: 14mm
    Stroke: 18mm
    Flywheel Diameter: 70mm
    Valve type: Slide
    Height: 53mm
    Length: 150mm
    Width: 60mm
    Weight: 1.2kg
    Connections: 1/4" x 40 tpi ME