Model Live Steam Engine Boiler

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  • DescriptionModel Boiler

    Chiltern Model Steam Engine Boilers are complete with all the fittings needed to power our own and other model steam engines. The Live Steam boiler just needs to be connected to the engine and supplied with a Propane/Butane gas supply (optional gas and steam pipes are available).

    The horizontal 3.5" Model Steam Engine Boiler has been professionally manufactured to the highest standards. The manufacturer also produces high quality live steam locomotives which it sells globally. This means the boilers are in stock and ready to the shipped.

    The model Live steam engine boiler is a horizontal centre flue boiler with ceramic gas burner. It can be used generally to power either the single and twin cylinder engines and also for marine applications/boats.

    The Price includes the boiler fittings (safety valve, water level gauge with blow down/fill valve, pressure gauge and steam outlet valve) and gas burner/Injector.

    All boilers are fully assembled, tested (by ourselves as well as by the manufacturer) and come with a Boiler test certificate.

    Optional extras include gas canister regulator and pipe, ready made copper steam pipe (with connector for specific engine) and oak mounting plinth and saddle Cradles.
  • The pictures are of a polished boiler. the boilers as supplied are a dull copper colour.

    See also Boiler Optional extras.

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    Live Steam Video

  • Specification Model boiler

    Type: Horizontal Centre Flue
    Diameter: 3.5" (89mm)
    Overall Length (including burner): 7.5" (190mm)
    Length of pressure vessel: 6" (150mm)
    Flue tube diameter: outer 38mm
    Number of cross tubes: 9
    Number of longitudinal stays: 2
    Outer shell thickness: 10G (2.5mm)
    Approximate capacity: 800ml
    Max working pressure: 60psi (4bar)
    Test pressure: 120psi (8 bar)
    Weight including burner: 1.9kg
    Burner head diameter: 1.125" (28mm)
    Fuel: Butane or butane/propane mix
    Gas Jet Carrier: Dia 8mm with No. 5 JEt
    Bushes in backhead for the water gauge: 2 off 1/4"x40tpi
    Bush for pressure gauge: 1 off 3/16"x40tpi
    Bush for safety valve: 1 off 5/16"x26tpi
    Bush for steam outlet: 1 off 1/4"x40tpi
    Bush for Fill plug or additional outlet: 1 off 5/16"x32tpi
    Bushes tapped M4 fitted on boiler base to allow mounting on cradles: 2 (blind)
    Estimated steam output: 600 cu ins/min (9832ml/min) at 50psi using 65/35 mix gas

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